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About Service Insurance Company


The company was incorporated in 1977 under the laws of Florida.  It began business in February of 1978.

Financial Strength

Rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. Financial size category is Class VI.

Business Review

Service Insurance Company is a Florida-based, property-oriented insurer specializing in providing commercial package business and flood insurance. The company focus is commercial habitational business and office buildings where newer construction standards are in place. The company also writes commercial habitational business and office buildings in South Carolina.

Service Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IAT Insurance Group. Other affiliated companies in Bradenton are Pillar Insurance Agency, Inc., a Managing General Agency, and Bay Area Claims Services, Inc., which processes claims for Service Insurance Company and Pillar Insurance Agency.

Service Insurance participates in the Write Your Own (WYO) federal flood program. All of the flood operations are outsourced to National Flood Services. This business is 100% reinsured by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The day to day administrative affairs of the company are under the direction of Steven H. Baker, Senior Vice President. Mr. Baker the joined IAT Insurance Group in 2005. He began his insurance career in 1983 with the Home Insurance Company and worked for CNA Reinsurance, and the Hartford Insurance Group prior to joining IAT Insurance Group.
  • Steven Baker – Executive Management
  • Timothy Flynn – Underwriting/Marketing
  • Diane Weaver – Claims
  • Carol Johnson – Information Technology


The company is licensed in over 40 states.
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